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In Australia, getting our daily coffee fix has become a one-billion- a-year disposable cup catastrophe. Sydney ceramic artist Katherine Mahoney and barista Stephen Dyer, decided that throwing more plastic at the problem wasn’t the answer. Claycups are their stylish and sustainable solution. The most environmentally responsible, attractive and coveted coffee cups on the market.

Handmade from clay, Claycups come individually finished in distinctive custom-made glazes – chalk, aqua, concrete and charcoal – reflecting the subtle hues and textures of the urban landscape of Australia.

Mix and match different coloured silicon lids and heat-resistant felt cuffs to finish the look, creating a signature Claycup that’s uniquely yours.

Barista-approved, dishwasher and microwave-safe, Claycups can be used for any liquid you like, from coffee to tea, juice or even soup. And because clay comes from the earth its natural insulating qualities keep liquids warmer for longer and there’s no nasty plastic aftertaste.