Celebrated ceramic artist Katherine Mahoney created Claycups in her Sydney studio. The brief, laid down by Pusher Espresso Bar founder Stephen Dyer, was to make a reusable cup with eco credentials. It had to be green, but also desirable – a catalyst to change consumer habits.

Trialled and tested rigorously in Pusher’s busy cafe environment, feedback from customers and baristas saw the Claycup evolve over months and through generations into the form it takes today.

Still carefully handmade on a potter’s wheel, using the ‘jigger and jolly’ method, the cups take three weeks to complete. Each is hand finished with a unique palette of glazes developed by Mahoney, the textures and tones echo the Australian landscape.

High-fired to 1260 degrees centigrade, Claycups are durable, bespoke stonewear that’s dishwasher and microwave-safe.

In a world where almost everything we touch is made by machines, Claycups provide a chance to reconnect with something human, handmade and infinitely more appealing.