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Why clay? Why now?

Why choose a plastic reusable cup to solve a plastic problem? If you are looking to make an eco change that’s good for the planet clay is the way to go. Claycups come from the earth and are plastic-free, so at the end of their life they’ll go back into the earth. Meanwhile plastic reusables can take up to a 1000 years to break down in landfill, if they aren’t commercially recycled, and could turn into microplastics if they end up in the ocean. Don’t get us started on microplastics… needless to say we believe clay is the better option.


Why are Claycups the best reusable ceramic cup?

Our cups have been road-tested by baristas in a fast-paced cafe environment and we’ve made numerous tweaks along the way to make them the best on the market. Our silicon lids fit perfectly, because we’ve taken the time to make sure they do. And every Claycup is hand-checked before it is shipped, ensuring everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.


Are Claycups dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes our cups are both dishwasher and microwave safe, but keep the lid out of the microwave. Our lids are top-shelf dishwasher safe. You can extend the lid’s life if you wash it by hand. New lids are available through our shop. They come in cool colours, giving your Claycup a new lease on life.


Will my Claycup break?

Only if dropped from a great height or hit with blunt force. We suggest you wrap it in a piece of cloth to cushion it when packing your bag. Treat your Claycup with care and it will reward you with many years of long service.


Does the Claycup conduct heat?

Yes, but that’s what helps keep your coffee warmer for longer! It’s only uncomfortable to hold if you fill it with straight black coffee or tea. Milk-based coffees aren’t a problem, especially with the addition of our handy felt cuff. *


Will my cuff split if I pull it too tight?

No, the cuff is designed to fit tightly on the Claycup for comfort. It won’t slip off or split.


What if my cuff stretches?

Pop it in your next load of washing and it will shrink back down. Hang it on the line to dry and it’s ready to use.


Will I lose my felt cuff?

We hope not! The felt cuff is like a metaphor for life: with life comes personal responsibility. Look after your cuff and it will look after you. Pop it inside your Claycup to store it between uses or have a regular place you put it when washing it.


Should I give my Claycup to the barista with the cuff on or off?

With the cuff off. Hang onto the cuff and once your coffee is ready slip it back on and you’re ready to go. If the cuff gets wet it won’t absorb the heat, so keep it away from your barista.


Will my Claycup fit in the car?

All sizes fit most standard car cup holders.