10oz Concrete Claycup

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Great for milk coffees, long blacks or tea, our large 10 oz Claycup is a great utility cup. Comes complete with the lid and silicon band.

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 cm
Lid Colour


6 reviews for 10oz Concrete Claycup

  1. Mark

    The best coffee cup ever… lovin it!

  2. Mark

    The best coffee cup, ever! Lovin it!

  3. Len Ka

    Looks amazing, can you please ship to Europe??

    • Stephen Dyer

      We are working on it:)

      • Stephen Dyer

        We are now shipping OS!

  4. Malvina

    Can you please advise if you sell the little felt wraps that are shown with the mugs in Gormst Traveller

    • Stephen Dyer

      Yes we do they come fitted to all the large Claycups 🙂

  5. Chloe

    What’s the volume of your large cups?

    • Stephen Dyer

      12 oz 🙂

  6. Harrison (verified owner)

    Stylish! Love walking into my local to get a takeaway coffee! Baristas are always impressive!

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